pope final

“I think of the wounds, of the pain of women with their children, the elderly and the displaced, the wounds of those who are victims of every type of violence,” Francis said according to a transcript.

“Even holy buildings, monuments, religious symbols and cultural heritage have been affected by the violence, almost as if to cancel every trace, every memory of the other.”

Francis said he had told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that “it would be wonderful if all the Muslim leaders of the world — political, religious and academic, spoke up clearly and condemned” violence which damages Islam.”

OCDG : You are the leader of over a billion followers… surely you have some power to persuade them to see the truth? Perhaps you can start by explaining that the Judaic State aka ISIS is the creation of the judeo-west. You can also tell them about the gross imbalance of Muslims being killed and displaced. That’s why the “muzzies” are fleeing to the west… if they aren’t in immediate danger for their lives, the economy/infrastructure has been destroyed. The jews not only drop bombs, they also ravage other nations through economic terrorism and warfare. The world’s resources are vast… there’s no need for anyone to go hungry or millions upon millions to go without jobs… Would be so nice if you could inform your flock about these issues… unless you’re being guided by the masonic ideology of “separation between church and state” and don’t want to discuss “politics”, you know, the morality of nations, with your adherents.

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