The side of Dubai that they DON’T want tourists to see

Flag_of_the_United_Arab_Emirates judaized 50

Photos show desperate conditions endured by migrant labourers forced to work in 50C (over 120F) heat for a pittance

  • Photographer Farhad Berahman’s striking photos document the lives of South Asian labourers who travel to Dubai
  • They live in squalid conditions, work in searing heat and often cannot leave as their employers keep their passports

OCDG: Now maybe this isn’t directly related to our mission but it sure bears mentioning : UAE of which Dubai is one emirate, is just from this one article, in no way shape or form an “Islamic” country. In fact, the sorts of statements being made mirror that of the satanic state of israel; the same condiditions and the abject treatment of the “lesser” as well as confiscation of passports.

Read here

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