Why Married Jewish Women Cover Their Hair

thou shalt disobey God

OCDG: Here we have yet another in a long line of insane, delusional, twisted jewish interpretations of God’s laws. In Christianity and Islam (among others), covering of a woman’s hair is meant as an expression of modesty but not so in judaism. According to their moronic interpretation, covering one’s hair with a wig is modest… never mind that it defeats the purpose of covering your hair. Having realistic-looking fake (or real, as wigs are often made from poor women selling their hair to make a living) hair covering your real hair, is illogical and insane… everything they touch turns to excrement.

Another aspect is that only married women are supposed to do this… They consider it fine if a woman of any age goes around with their hair uncovered so long as she isn’t married. In Islam by contrast, a girl who reaches puberty, is required to cover her hair. We can also see Christian young women sporting a covering, regardless of marital status.

Now the point is not whether you believe it’s right or wrong to cover a woman’s hair… but that judaism is the twisted, delusional and illogical interpretation of God’s laws (or secular). The rules for sabbath are so unbelievable that it makes rube goldberg devices seem efficient and streamlined.

They take whatever God has given them, and twist and abuse and molest it until it fits within their evil view. The ten commandments, written so simply that a child could understand them (though the jews can’t seem to manage that either) are thoroughly debased and warped to meet their desires… this is how they can justify anything.

If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.

As the famous quote goes, the jews likewise can work “wonders” with reality around them. They can worship a golden calf right under the nose of Moses and feel completely pure and holy.

judaism is insanity manifest.

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