‘I’m being punished for my stupid vanity’

kosher brainwashing

  • Andressa Urach, 27, nearly died when she suffered septic shock after surgery to remove huge amounts of chemical fillers injected into her thighs
  • Model gave first interview to MailOnline to reveal how she feels stupid for obsession with her looks, fame and wants to warn other women
  • Revealed that she had a near-death experience while in a coma that led her to believe that she was being ‘punished by God’
  • She is in ‘indescribable pain’ and feels ‘ashamed of the holes in her legs’ after her ‘skin and muscles were torn to shreds’ after her body began to rot
  • Admits that as she became famous she shopped for cosmetic surgery like she does in a ‘supermarket’ and was going to have a rib and toe removed

OCDG: The kosher rot is spreading…

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